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CCADV Associates

CCADV is pleased to offer the opportunity for those nonprofit and governmental organizations whose work and missions are aligned with the scope of CCADV activities to become Associates of CCADV. While Associates are not members of CCADV, they are entities with which we will collaborate to strengthen our shared capacity to service victims of domestic violence and their families.

Who Can Become an Associate?

Nonprofits and governmental organizations who demonstrate through policy and/or practice a vested interest in improving the circumstances for victims of domestic violence. Unfortunately State agencies within the Executive and Judicial Branches of Connecticut State government and individuals are not eligible to become Associates. The principal office of an Associate must be located in the state of Connecticut.

Click here to read the complete list of Associate Criteria.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Associate?

CCADV Associates will be given the opportunity to access offerings through the CCADV Training Institute at a reduced rate (to be determined annually by the CCADV Board of Directors), as well as have access to printed materials and technical assistance from CCADV staff.

How Do I Become an Associate?

If your organization meets all of the Associate Criteria, then you will simply need to download and complete a brief application. If approved as an Associate by the CCADV Board of Directors, your organization will then pay an annual fee (to be determined annually by the CCADV Board of Directors).

When are Associate Applications Accepted?

Prospective and existing Associates may apply to CCADV on annual basis between March 1st and the end of April for Associate status effective July 1st – June 30th (per the State fiscal year). The CCADV Board of Directors will vote annually at its May meeting to approve applications and notify applicants of its decision by June 1st.

Applications for FY18 Associate status will open in March 2017.

How much does it cost to become an Associate?

CCADV Associate fees for FY17 are $300. FY18 Fees will be published in March 2017. Please note that fees are not due until approval of your application has been granted.

Applications for FY18 Associate status will be available in March 2017.

Please contact Tonya Johnson, Vice President for Operations, with questions at 860.282.7899 or tjohnson@ctcadv.org.