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Our Mission

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) works to improve social conditions and lead Connecticut’s response to domestic violence through policy, advocacy, public awareness, technical assistance, and training.

Our Vision

CCADV envisions being the state’s leading authority and key agent of change for member agencies and systems that serve victims of domestic violence.

Our Values

CCADV believes:

  • In supporting the work of its member programs, which are valuable resources for the thousands of adults and children experiencing domestic violence in our state;
  • In equality in relationships and the safety and protection of all victims and survivors and oppose the use of violence as a means of control over others;
  • That victims and survivors have the right to make decisions based on being fully informed of all their options and that they have the right to be heard and listened to in a manner that preserves their dignity;
  • In giving a voice to the voiceless;
  • It is vital to understand and eliminate all forms of oppression;
  • That batterers must be held accountable for their actions;
  • That children must be educated about healthy relationships and conflict resolution to prevent the intergenerational cycle of violence and that we must recognize and address the needs of children impacted by domestic violence;
  • That men play a vital role in ending domestic violence;
  • In promoting trauma-sensitive, culturally-responsive services that promote positive health and well-being; and,
  • In gender equality and the promotion and protection of women’s rights.