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August 03, 2014

Hartford Courant: Police Take New Approach to Preventing Domestic Violence

Tracy had been threatened, stalked, slapped and beaten by her ex-boyfriend. But it wasn't until a police officer pulled out a form and read a series of questions designed to determine her risk of being killed that she realized the danger she was facing. "They do put things in perspective," she said of the questions. Tracy, who asked that her last name be kept confidential, is one of a growing number of domestic violence victims who have benefited from a new screening process used by some police departments at scenes of clashes, regardless of the degree of intensity, between intimate partners. Continue Reading >
July 30, 2014

Hartford Courant: Many Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Never Get Served

An estimated 40 percent of the restraining orders issued by New Haven judges in domestic violence cases between 2010 and 2011 never get served, according to information provided to a state force Wednesday. Continue Reading >
July 30, 2014

CT News Junkie: Advocates Seek to Curb Domestic Violence Murders with Public Awareness

Connecticut has averaged 14 domestic violence murders a year since 2000. It's a statistic advocates said Tuesday they hope to drive down with greater public awareness of the warning signs of intimate partner violence. Continue Reading >
July 29, 2014

Hartford Courant: Domestic Violence Fatality Committee Recommends Study, Stepped-Up Communication

Kelly Annelli thinks about her friend and neighbor, Kyla Ryng, every day, wondering if there was anything she could have done to prevent Ryng's shooting death in June at the hands of her husband. Continue Reading >