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June 26, 2017

WTNH: CCADV kicks off new campaign

The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence kicked off a new campaign called “I Choose.” The goal of the campaign is to inspire and empower boys and young men to stand up against domestic violence. The main message stems from the idea that violence is a choice and that with the right mentors and tools, boys can choose to rise above domestic violence. Continue Reading >
June 02, 2017

News Times: State legislature passes bill to strengthen domestic violence laws

A bill passed by the state Legislature will strengthen the state’s domestic-violence laws to protect victims from emotional abuse and online stalking, local advocates said. “Domestic violence is about power and control, one individual trying to take power and control over another,” said Karen Jarmoc, head of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “They do that through multiple strategies. Domestic violence doesn’t always have to look like physical abuse. It can be mental abuse, emotional abuse.” The bill passed last week includes language to protect victims who suffer “emotional distress” as well as physical abuse. Under existing law, victims must prove they fear for their physical safety in order to be protected under anti-stalking statutes. The legislation is the first to include protection for victims against stalking through electronic or social media. Continue Reading >
May 19, 2017

CT NewsJunkie Op-Ed: Addressing the 'Why' in Sex Trafficking

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted unanimously on legislation to address the demand side of sex trafficking, marking a major shift in the way our state addresses this crime. Over the last 10 years in Connecticut, individuals arrested for prostitution were seven times more likely to be convicted than those arrested for buying sex. Both crimes are class A misdemeanors, but their enforcement is inequitable, as is how they are perceived. In the eyes of the law and of the public, buyers of sex are an afterthought, almost entirely absent from the public discourse over prostitution and human trafficking. Continue Reading >
May 16, 2017

Valley Independent Sentinel: DeLauro: Trump Budget Could Impact Domestic Violence Services

Rep. Rosa DeLauro told a roomful of leaders from groups that serve victims of domestic and sexual crimes Monday that she hopes a budget proposal from President Trump won’t hurt the thousands of area residents who seek help from them each year. DeLauro said that lawmakers don’t yet know all of the specific programs that will be targeted for cuts in Trump’s “America First” budget. But after noting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions voted against the most recent reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act while a senator, she said she’s not expecting much. “I want to be pleasantly surprised,” DeLauro said. “That’s where we’re at. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome.” The president’s administration is due to release more information next week about his 2018 budget proposal. An outline of the spending plan contains planned cuts to departments like health and human services and the justice department, funding from which is vital for groups like BHcare’s Umbrella for Domestic Violence Services. Continue Reading >