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June 19, 2015

Hartford Courant: 'Do You Think That He/She Might Try to Kill You?' More Police Screening to Find Out

A tool that experts say prevents domestic violence deaths now is being used by more than half of the state's law enforcement agencies, advocates said this week. The Lethality Assessment Program is a screening process that allows police officers responding to family violence calls to determine the likelihood that the victim would someday be killed by a domestic partner. L.A.P. was tested as a pilot program in Connecticut in 2012. It was rolled out statewide last year, and by August, 31 police agencies were using the screening process. Now, 58 of Connecticut's 115 law enforcement agencies are participating, according to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which oversees the program. Continue Reading >
May 31, 2015

CT NewsJunkie: Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Pass Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims from Gun Violence

Lori Jackson’s family traveled to the state Capitol Saturday night in hopes of saving a bill designed to take firearms out of the hands of individuals who receive a restraining order in cases of domestic violence. The Jacksons, who are hoping to make domestic violence victims safer following their daughter’s murder last year, were concerned that the bill — H.B. 6848, An Act Protecting Victims Of Domestic Violence — would get stuck on the calendar as the legislative clock winds down. Continue Reading >
May 30, 2015

CT Mirror: Victim's Family Asks for Vote on Domestic Violence Bill

The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence quickly mobilized Saturday night to press a wavering House leadership to call a vote on legislation intended to allow police to temporarily take firearms away from persons served with temporary restraining orders. “We are looking for the House to call this bill tonight. They’re here. It’s critical that it happen this evening, because the concern is if it happens Monday, it’s going to be too late,” said Karen Jarmoc, the coalition leader. “That’s why these folks came up here, probably, at an hour’s notice.” Continue Reading >
April 08, 2015

Republican American Op-Ed by Lee Schlesinger, Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury: Restraining Order Law Needs Reform

An important discussion is occurring among lawmakers at the Capitol about the removal of firearms during temporary restraining orders. This meaningful policy measure is intended to protect victims of domestic violence at the most dangerous time. It's about saving lives. Connecticut averages 14 intimate-partner homicides each year, and firearms are used more often in those homicides than any other weapon. We need to do more to protect victims. The most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence is when she or he takes steps to end the relationship. Because domestic violence is all about power and control of one partner over the other, this can be a particularly difficult time for the abuser, who will begin to realize he or she is losing his or her partner and therefore may take more extreme actions to regain control. Continue Reading >