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March 15, 2014

CT Post: No Room at the Shelter

On a single day last year, nearly 100 people came to domestic violence shelters in the state and were told there wasn't room for them, according to a report this month by the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Continue Reading >
March 14, 2014

Hartford Courant: 98 Domestic Violence Victims Turned Away From Shelters In Single Day

Whether more battered women are seeking help or the shortage of affordable housing is keeping them in shelters longer, Connecticut's domestic violence network is stretched beyond capacity. Continue Reading >
March 09, 2014

CT Post: State's arrests, murders decline in 2013

In cities across Fairfield County, law enforcement officials have told the police in recent weeks that their cities are getting safer, with fewer people committing serious offenses and the sight of police tape strung up around crime scenes becoming increasingly rare. Continue Reading >
February 25, 2014

CT Post: Agency hosts domestic violence training for men

When an athlete wears a pink glove, it's usually to promote awareness of breast cancer. But Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara recalled a story about such a glove being used for a different purpose - to shame 8 year old baseball players out of crying. Continue Reading >