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July 18, 2014

CT Post: Report Cites Progress, Needs in Partner-Violence Policies

As dating violence and sex assault on college campuses become increasingly crucial issues nationwide, many Connecticut colleges and universities are taking action to prevent these crimes - but so much more can be done. That's according to the report released Thursday by Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Continue Reading >
July 16, 2014

CT Post: Domestic Violence Services Reach Out to Hispanic Community

Thea Montanez is Latina, and knows there are certain ideas and philosophies she grew up with that are unique to her culture - including a commitment to family and a strong religious faith. They are tenets of a cultural identity but, for women living with domestic violence, they can sometimes be stumbling blocks to safety. Continue Reading >
June 24, 2014

CT Mirror: Children of domestic violence - 'daddy shooted mommy'

The neighborhood was still in shock contemplating the murder-suicide that had just taken place in the Bristol home of Kyla and Alexander Ryng. "I'm sick about the kids, what they saw," said one neighbor. Continue Reading >
June 23, 2014

CT Mirror: Blumenthal, family - Slain woman a victim of faulty law

Family members of Lori Jackson Gellatly, the 32-year-old mother from Oxford who was shot to death last month in what police say was a case of domestic violence, said Monday that a loophole in state and federal law may have contributed to her death. Continue Reading >