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CT Post: Helping Domestic Violence's Youngest Victims

Any time someone is killed as the result of domestic violence, it’s sad and shocking. But a string of three deaths between May and July of 2014 were disturbing for another reason. In each of these cases, women were allegedly shot and killed by their partners while the women’s young children were at home.

“It felt like it was just sort of a blip,” said Karen Jarmoc, chief executive officer of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “There was a lot of focus on the victims, but the child piece fell by the wayside.”

Hoping to address the real, but often overlooked, problem of children exposed to domestic violence, Jarmoc and others formed the Task Force to Study the Statewide Response to Minors Exposed to Domestic Violence. The task force — which had 23 members from the fields of health care, law enforcement, child protective services and others — began meeting in July of this year.

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