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CT Post: Relatives Say Stabbing Victim Feared Deportation, Endured Abuse

To Nidia “Yubi” Gonzalez, her daughter, Sofia, was “mi magica princesa.”

The pair were inseparable, with Gonzalez the portrait of a doting young mother who dutifully preserved tender moments with Sofia on her Facebook page. There was Sofia — the girl’s middle name — cradled in her arms in a hammock, dressed up as a flower girl and peering over mom’s shoulder from the back seat of the car in a selfie.

Gonzalez would let nothing come between them — even if it cost her own life. So when her relationship with Sofia’s father, Oscar “Zyggy” Hernandez, turned violent, family members say, the 26-year-old Bridgeport housekeeper stayed silent, because she was afraid of being deported to her native Guatemala.

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