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Hartford Courant: How to Keep Kids Safe? A Domestic Violence Team Continues Its Work

A legislative task force studying how the state can protect children from family violence turned its attention to the courts Tuesday, asking if there is more judges can do to keep kids safe.

The group, formally called the Task Force to Study the Statewide Response to Minors Exposed to Domestic Violence, was formed after a string of homicides last year during which mothers in Oxford, Bristol and Bridgeport were killed in the presence of their children. Also in 2014, a 1-year-old was killed by a family friend in Bristol and, earlier this year, a baby was thrown to his death off a Middletown bridge, allegedly by his father.

There were no specific references Tuesday morning to the homicides though there was a general expression of sympathy from Darren Mitchell, a lawyer and consultant to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. He and Janice M. Rosa, a retired New York state judge and the council's curriculum chairwoman, said, "We're really a national leader in providing judicial training, publishing research and resources to courts and to judges and to administrators, as well as to the communities that those judges serve in," Rosa told the panel.

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