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Hartford Courant: State's Domestic Violence Shelters Are Full, Advocacy Group Says

Connecticut's emergency shelters for domestic violence victims exceeded capacity throughout the most recent fiscal year, an uptick caused by prolonged stays at the shelters, according to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

"The number of domestic violence victims seeking safety in our emergency shelters has grown immensely over the past eight years," Karen Jarmoc, the organization's chief executive officer, said Wednesday. "Our shelters were at 57 percent capacity in the 2008 fiscal year and now we're at 125 percent. These women, men and very young children have nowhere safe to go. We are continuously viewing strategies to sustain this life-saving service."

Data released by the coalition Wednesday shows more adults and children visited shelters this year than in 2008 — 412 more adults and 211 more children stayed at shelters this year than eight years ago.

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