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Hartford Courant: Lawmakers Considering Raising Marriage License Surcharge to Support Domestic Violence Victims

Lawmakers are considering raising the surcharge on marriage licenses, which funds programs that support victims of domestic violence.

Under House Bill 1011, the surcharge would rise from $20 to $35. The fee for a marriage license, which is retained by the municipality that issues it, would also increase under the bill, from $10 to $15, bringing the total cost to $50.

"The domestic violence shelters in our state are over-packed and the resources that they could get through this increased surcharge on the marriage license will help them maintain the amazing programming they provide the victims of violence throughout our state," said Sen. Mae Flexer, D-Killingly, the sponsor of the measure. "Moving forward with this initiative will help give them some stability in state funding in light of what looks like some sizable cuts in federal funding."

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