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Where MEN and BOYS are critical to the prevention of
intimate partner violence.


Join the 10x10 Campaign...

10 men each talking to 10 other men and boys
about healthy relationships and the prevention of
intimate partner violence, dating violence and stalking.

The 10x10 Campaign is open to any man who wants to take action to prevent intimate partner violence. All you need to do is attend one 2-hour training and then go out and talk to others about what you learned. Even though most men are not part of the problem, they must be part of the solution!

3 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence

Build your own AWARENESS about intimate partner violence,
dating violence and stalking - educate yourself!

Take ACTION by teaching other men and boys what you
have learned - engage others!

Increase ACCOUNTABILITY in your community by involving others to
prevent intimate partner violence - be the change you want to see!

Increasing your awareness about intimate partner violence is only the first step. With the tools that the 10x10 Campaign will give you, you can carry on the conversation and educate others about the problem and its impact. If more people are aware of the issue, offenders will be held accountable and more victims will find safety and support.

To get involved, please contact Linda Blozie, Director of Training & Prevention, at 860.282.7899 or lblozie@ctcadv.org.

Watch the 10x10 Campaign video to learn more!