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Primary Prevention

Download the Statewide Primary Prevention Plan 2014-2016 Executive Summary or Full Report

One of CCADV’s priority goals is the prevention of domestic violence and, in particular, intimate partner violence (IPV). To that end, we have developed Connecticut’s first statewide plan designed to address the factors that increase risk for the perpetration of IPV and to promote factors that create healthy, sustainable families and communities.

The plan, From Planning to Practice: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Connecticut (link to pdf of plan), reflects our core commitment to reach out to all residents of Connecticut to help foster the attitudes, skills, behaviors and norms that lead to healthy relationships. This includes a focus on those groups that carry the heaviest burden of risk for being affected by violence.

There are five (5) strategic directions included in the plan that are based off of findings from a rapid needs assessment of IPV and prevention-related resources in Connecticut. The five strategic areas, of which goals and suggested action steps are included with each, are:

1. Engaging youth in IPV prevention

2. Involving men & boys in IPV prevention

3. Raising public awareness about IPV and IPV prevention programs

4. Strengthening and increasing available IPV prevention programs

5. Incorporating Results-Based Accountability in IPV prevention programs

The plan outlines strategies that will increase state and local capacity to plan, implement, evaluate and support strategies that prevent first perpetration of domestic violence. To accomplish this goal, it will require true and significant social change – a shifting of people’s attitudes and beliefs to shape a more positive outcome.

What is Primary Prevention?

Primary prevention is any action, strategy or policy that prevents intimate partner violence (IPV) from initially occurring. Primary prevention seeks to reduce the overall likelihood that anyone will become a victim or a perpetrator by creating conditions that make violence less likely to occur. Prevention of IPV focuses on preventing first-time perpetration and first time victimization.

CCADV strongly believes that domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, is preventable.  While we have comprehensive intervention programs that address the effects of domestic violence after it occurs, we consider the prevention to be the first step in the process of addressing domestic violence so that we can stop the abuse before it begins. 

 It is critical to define the underlying causes that prompt and perpetuate IPV and to implement strategies that impact those underlying causes. It is generally agreed that effective prevention efforts should promote healthy, respectful relationships in families, while countering the underlying beliefs, attitudes, and social norms that are deeply embedded in our social structures and that condone forms of family and intimate partner violence.

For more information about primary prevention, please contact Linda Blozie, Director of Training & Prevention, at (860) 282-7899 or lblozie@ctcadv.org.