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Leaving Isn't That Easy...

At CCADV, we know that leaving an abusive relationship isn’t always that easy. There are a number of challenges and barriers that victims face when deciding to end an abusive relationship. It might be that the abuser controls all of the money and the victim has to choose between violence at home or being homeless and impoverished. Perhaps the abuser has isolated the victim from family and friends so there is a feeling that there’s simply no one to whom she or he can turn. Maybe the victim is an immigrant and her or his abuser threatens that the police will deport them if called. Or often it’s as simple as the fact that the victim loves her or his abuser, and simply wants the abuse to end, not the relationship.

We want victims to know that we get it. And we want to help others understand it as well, so that everyone has the ability to acknowledge and appreciate the trauma that victims suffer and the realities they face when making significant, life-altering decisions.

Throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month/October 2015, we used social media to share some common challenges and feelings that victims contend with when deciding to end an abusive relationship. View the entire campaign. We hope that everyone will take a moment to read, share and learn from this social media campaign. Because even though leaving isn’t always easy, we can help.

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We can help...

If you or someone you know is experiencing coercive, controlling or violent behavior by a family member, CCADV’s 18 member domestic violence organizations can help. Our members provide confidential, safe and free services throughout the state. Certified domestic violence counselors are available via the statewide domestic violence hotlines 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Some services provided include individual counseling, support groups, safety planning, emergency shelter, court advocacy, and more. Call the statewide hotline and get connected with your local domestic violence provider.

Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline

888.774.2900 (English)  l   844.831.9200 (Español)

Confidential, Safe, Free
Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

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