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Please join us for a series of Virtual Wellness & Resiliency Workshops! We’ll be learning several tips and strategies for reducing stress, building resiliency, and supporting overall emotional and physical wellness. Workshops are scheduled in 15 minute increments so you’ll be able to come in and out of these Zoom-based workshops as you like. Please see below for the complete agenda. Please note that some workshops will be pre-recorded.

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Sound Healing for Modern Day Stress
Kelvin Young RSS, Certified Sound Healer, Kelvin Young, LLC

Take time out to relieve stress, find inner peace and balance through the transformative powers of sound. During this 15-minute session, Kelvin Young, RSS will utilize the Tibetan singing bowls to activate the relaxation response to calm your mind, relax your body and nourish your soul. 


The Radical Act of Self-Care
Kai Belton, MSW, Clinical Director of Safe Connect, CCADV

Learn about the urgent responsibility of taking care of yourself first before attempting to take care of others.  Explore radical strategies and practices to resist societal pressures and remain true to your authentic self.


Bonnie Daley, MSW, Middletown Youth Services Bureau 

"Goodification" is a concept from the Life is Good Playmakers national movement. In this session, you will learn how to engage in "goodifying" activities to make them as joyful, connecting, empowering, and engaging as possible. This process includes acknowledging good that is already there, and then adapting and innovating the activity, based on audience and environment, to grow more good and create conditions where everyone can be at their best.


Self Care Vision Board: 5 Parts of Self Care
Lanea Collins, Artist, Poet and Author

Explore how visualization can manifest into reality. Learn 5 aspects of self-care to focus on that are important in your everyday life.


The Forgotten Benefits of Nature
Paul Acker, Mindful Outdoor Guide

This presentation will take a look at some of the science regarding the benefits of being in nature and will share some ways we can all better connect with nature.


Connect to Yourself
Allison Abramson, MPA Executive Director, Tri-Town Youth Services

This workshop will bring awareness to current stressors that black people and other POC are experiencing along with coping strategies for wellness during these stressful times.


Vicarious Trauma and Resilience Strategies
Mary Dineen Elovich, LCSW, Executive Director, Intentions Counseling & Clinical Training Center, LLC

Learn about vicarious trauma, its effects on providers, and resilience strategies to support your wellness.


Guided Meditation
Leah Maille, Owner and Operator of Stage Left Dance Studio

This meditation will allow you to drop in and reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.  Who are we at our core? What is our essence? Together we will explore and step in with deep intention, reverence and love.

For questions, please contact Kai Belton, Clinical Director of Safe Connect, at kbelton@ctcadv.org.

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Si necesitas información o si solo quieres conversar con alguien, por favor visite CTSafeConnect.org o llamada or texto (888) 774-2900. Los consejeros estará disponible las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana.