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September 20, 2022

CCADV Recognizes 10 Years of the Lethality Assessment Program

Today, the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) released its 2020 – 2021 update report on its Lethality Assessment Program (LAP). September marks the 10th anniversary of Connecticut’s rollout of LAP, a specialized risk assessment tool utilized by police during incidents of intimate partner violence that determines the survivor’s risk of fatal violence and immediately connects those in high danger situations with an advocate at one of CCADV’s 18 member organizations. Over the past ten years (between September 2012 and August 2022), over 75,000 screens have been conducted at the scene of an intimate partner violence incident, with 39,806 (53%) of those screens being deemed “high danger,” and 23,154 survivors entering services with their local CCADV member organization following a screen. Download PDF >
June 13, 2022

Statement Regarding U.S. Senate Bipartisan Gun Safety Proposal

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) President & CEO, Meghan Scanlon, today issued the following statement: “We applaud the bipartisan gun safety proposal announced yesterday by the U.S. Senate and thank Senators Murphy and Blumenthal for their continued leadership to protect Americans from senseless gun violence. The proposal includes critical protections for survivors of domestic violence by closing the federal “boyfriend loophole,” extending firearm prohibitions to those who are convicted of domestic violence or the subject of a restraining order against an intimate partner with whom they are not married. All convicted domestic violence offenders and those subject to civil restraining orders will also be entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) making it easier to determine their disqualification from gun possession. With survivors five times more likely to be killed if their abuser has access to firearms, we know that domestic violence and firearms are a deadly combination. These commonsense changes will make survivors safer.” Download PDF >
April 07, 2022

Statement on Appropriations Committee Proposals Related to Domestic Violence

"We are grateful for the investment that the Appropriations Committee has proposed making in the domestic violence service system," said Meghan Scanlon, President & CEO, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV). "The pandemic has exacerbated domestic violence and left victims facing increasingly complex challenges due to ongoing financial stressors. And the impact on children has been significant as they deal with increased violence in their home on top of pandemic isolation. We thank the leadership of the Appropriations Committee for prioritizing the needs of victims and their children and call on the entire General Assembly to support these critical investments." Download PDF >
February 07, 2022

Statement on Governor's Proposals Related to Domestic Violence

Meghan Scanlon, President & CEO of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV), today released the following statement regarding two elements of Governor Lamont’s announcements relating to gun safety measures: 1) that he would propose new legislation automatically disqualifying anyone who has been convicted of a family violence crime from holding a state gun permit, and 2) that his proposed budget will include $18 million to replace lost federal funding from the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and to provide other domestic violence services. Said Scanlon: "We applaud Governor Lamont’s plans to take action this year to protect victims of domestic violence. Throughout the pandemic we have seen an increase in the complexity of issues facing survivors of domestic violence, and a growing need for funding and reforms aimed at helping and protecting them. Keeping guns out of the hands of individuals who have been convicted of family violence crimes is a commonsense measure that has been proven to save lives. Likewise, Connecticut’s ability to keep survivors safe was jeopardized by cuts to federal VOCA funding, and Governor Lamont’s move to temporarily fill the funding gap at the state level will help provide crisis response, court-based advocacy, coordination with law enforcement, and advocacy related to the basic needs of victims. While we will await the full details of the Governor’s proposals, we again applaud him for recognizing the need to help victims, and for putting these ideas front and center in his plans for legislative action in 2022.” Download PDF >

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