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Diversity & Accessibility

Survivors of family violence come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Honoring diversity, CCADV is committed to improving access to services and resources for all victims of domestic violence regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, language, education, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic or  immigration status.

To help accomplish its commitment to diversity and mobilize its vision, this project is managed by the Coordinator for Cultural Diversity and Accessibility – funded through the U.S. Office on Violence Against Women Services, Training, Officers and Prosecutors grant (OVW STOP). Some of the program objectives for Diversity and Accessibility include:

  • Developing best practice for working with underserved, under-represented and/or not served at all populations
  • Enhancing and creating culturally and linguistically relevant materials
  • Providing statewide, culture specific training to improve professional capacity
  • Building and sustaining meaningful community partnerships with agencies who are providing culture specific services in the state

Meeting these objectives, provide ample opportunities for CCADV to continue enhancing services for all victims in a pertinent, respectful and relevant way. The Diversity and Accessibility Coordinator, as do all of CCADV staff, participates in ongoing professional and program-specific development. By participating in these ongoing professional opportunities, both domestically and internationally, the Diversity and Accessibility program area benefits by broadening global perspective on family violence and enhancing knowledge on best practice and evidenced based interventions for victims of domestic violence.

Within the Diversity and Accessibility Program area, a multidisciplinary steering committee of dedicated professionals work collectively to assess, provide insight and deliver policy recommendations regarding issues of diversity and accessibility to CCADV. While the committee reports to CCADV and its membership, it also works diligently to increase and sustain community collaboration and public awareness of issues specific to survivors of diverse backgrounds.

Steering committee members, representing regional, local, community and other entities are actively engaged in working with underserved populations in Connecticut. Issues reviewed by this committee may include; service delivery for individuals with limited English proficiency and related resources, development of culturally responsive practices, best practice models for domestic violence agencies and public awareness campaigns. Members of the steering committee include attorneys, social service providers and other community professionals whose expertise aligns itself with CCADV’s mission “to improve social conditions and lead Connecticut’s response to domestic violence.”  

Asian Community Work Groups: Exploring Experiences of Family Violence Among
Asian Women in Connecticut

In 2015, CCADV held a series of meetings with stakeholders throughout Connecticut's Asian communities to explore their experiences with family violence. As a result, a report - Asian Community Work Groups: Exploring Experiences of Family Violence Among Asian Women in Connecticut - was developed and is intended to to be an exploration of experiences and strategies as reported by those stakeholders. The report focuses on four major areas:

  • Strategies for engaging Asian women with service providers in Connecticut
  • Help-seeking behaviors among Asian women survivors of domestic and family violence
  • Culture specific outreach
  • Strategies for community collaboration

Providing culturally relevant services to Asian women and their families in Connecticut is a vital goal of CCADV. It is also a complex process that must address ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of Asian cultures and experiences. The lack of widely available language accessible services and sufficient numbers of culturally competent providers is a major challenge. Significant cultural and structural barriers that deter Asian women from finding services, utilizing services, and resolving issues related to domestic violence exacerbate this problem. The report is intended to assist CCADV with developing culture specific programming and interventions for Asian victims of domestic violence.

Click here to view the report.

For more information on CCADV’s Diversity& Accessibility projects, please contact Wanda Gaines, Director of Diversity & Accessibility, at (959) 202-5013 or wgaines@ctcadv.org

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