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Law Enforcement Initiative

CT Lethality Assessment Program 2020-2021 Update Report

Law enforcement’s response to domestic violence is critical to our mission at CCADV. Many times a victim’s first contact with police will determine whether they will continue on to get assistance from trained domestic violence advocates. The partnership between law enforcement, CCADV and our 18 member agencies has been strong and we continue to work together to bring the best practices for the police response to domestic violence to Connecticut.

CCADV receives funds from the U.S. Office on Violence Against Women Services, Training, Officers and Prosecutors (OVW STOP) to support the development of the Law Enforcement Initiative. The purpose of this project is to provide improved responses to victims of family violence crimes who are involved with law enforcement. These enhanced services represent providing support, information and advocacy services designed to better inform the safety of victims throughout the arrest and prosecution process.

Several goals of the initiative are:

  • increase collaboration and outreach with law enforcement agencies
  • identify lethality assessment tools for law enforcement and domestic violence advocacy agencies
  • develop training and professional opportunities for law enforcement and domestic violence agencies
  • identify an advisory group to identify systemic issues and best practices for law enforcement and
  • develop collaborative relationships, systemic advocacy and policy with law enforcement through training and consultation.

This workgroup will consist of multi-disciplinary professionals who will lend their expertise to ensure project success. The Advisory Committee representatives will include municipal police, state police, POST, and community based organizations.

Our training institute provides free training to law enforcement in various areas related to the police response to domestic violence. In addition, our law enforcement coordinator is available for on-site technical assistance and training.

Connecticut has adopted a statewide model policy that outlines policies, procedures, and guidelines for all law enforcement agencies when police respond to family violence crimes. Additionally, Connecticut statutorily requires each law enforcement agency in the state to designate at least one supervisor as a domestic violence liaison to oversee that agency’s response to domestic violence.

Lethality Assessment Program

The statewide roll out of the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) began in Connecticut on September 15, 2012. LAP is an innovative partnership with law enforcement to implement nationally recognized risk assessment strategies to better serve domestic violence victims in the greatest danger.

The program, which is a result of collaboration between CCADV and the Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POSTC), was piloted through 8 CCADV member domestic violence service organizations with 14 municipal law enforcement agencies. As of November 2017 LAP is officially being utilized statewide, including:

  • all 93 municipal police departments
  • CT State Police, which covers 79 municipalities
  • 8 colleges and universities
  • Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Police & Mohegan Tribal Police
  • CT Water Authority
  • CT ENCON Police

Modeled after the LAP first piloted in Maryland in 2005, this program is a two-pronged intervention process that makes use of a specialized lethality assessment instrument and an accompanying protocol. Trained police on the scene of a domestic violence call assess a victim's risk for serious injury or death and can then immediately link those at greatest risk to their local domestic violence advocate for support and safety information.

Project reports:

2020-2021 Update Report
2018-2019 Update Report

2017 Report

Data Collection for the Connecticut Lethality Assessment Program

The following website is a single access point for all law enforcement and domestic violence agencies involved in the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP). This website will provide an effective and efficient way of collecting data regarding domestic violence screenings performed by law enforcement and followed up on by domestic violence agencies. This website is password protected and intended only for those agencies and designated staff participating in LAP. If you are interested in learning about the latest LAP data, please contact Dan Cargill, CCADV Director of Law Enforcement Services.

Click here to access LAP Data Collection.

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Lethality Assessment Program!

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