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The newest initiative of CCADV, Safe Connect, seeks to streamline the many access points that currently exist for survivors of domestic violence seeking services into one comprehensive, statewide, coordinated triage and response. Safe Connect will serve as Connecticut's domestic violence resource hub, providing information, safety planning, counseling, case management, and referrals to CCADV's 18 member domestic violence organizations and other community-based resources.

Safe Connect is a unique platform that strengthens access to safety for victims and survivors by transforming the operation of Connecticut's statewide domestic violence hotline. The statewide hotline has traditionally only been available by calling a toll-free telephone number, but the ways in which people communicate have evolved since its establishment. Now, under Safe Connect, access to certified domestic violence counselors will be available via PHONE, CHAT and EMAIL. All services are confidential, safe, free, voluntary, and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year

CTSafeConnect.org | 888.774.2900 

The ways in which we communicate have changed since the hotline was first established. For some, they may prefer to speak with an advocate via text, for others, it may not be safe to make a phone call. Accessibility is about choices - and survivors who are managing their safety need choices. Safe Connect is also designed to increase accessibility to underserved and underrepresented communities through bilingual, multicultural advocates and technology. Safe Connect advocates are 80% bilingual in English and Spanish with several other languages also spoken and their cultural backgrounds span over ten different countries and four continents. The Safe Connect platform also auto-translates the vast majority of spoken languages.

Advocates are also available to speak with family, friends, professionals or anyone who suspects that someone they know is experiencing abuse and wants advice on how to talk to them.

Visit CTSafeConnect.org.

For additional information, please contact Maria Guzman, Director of Safe Connect, at 959.202.5009 or mguzman@ctcadv.org

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If you need help or just someone to talk to, please visit CTSafeConnect.org or call or text (888) 774-2900. Advocates available 24/7.

Si necesitas información o si solo quieres conversar con alguien, por favor visite CTSafeConnect.org o llamada or texto (888) 774-2900. Los consejeros estará disponible las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana.