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Purple Ties

Purple Awareness Ties


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In recognition of the opportunity that exists through men’s initiatives to partner with local, state and national domestic violence advocates to symbolize their support for addressing domestic violence, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) is pleased to announce the creation of its new “Purple Tie.” With input from a number of Connecticut’s "First 100 Men” (men honored for their commitment to raising awareness about domestic violence), CCADV partnered with Vineyard Vines® to design a tie which identifies the nationally recognized white ribbon symbol along with the color purple – a notable shade for domestic violence awareness.


100% of the profits, after all related expenses, will support meaningful CCADV activities which will enable us to strengthen Connecticut’s response to domestic violence. Important initiatives such as targeted public awareness, meaningful prevention and comprehensive victim advocacy will be sustained with revenues from this initiative.

The white and purple ribbon has long been associated with efforts to reduce domestic violence and allows for a powerful message. We hope that you will consider joining this robust effort by CCADV to raise awareness and needed funds.

The Vineyard Vines® Tie is hand made in the U.S.A. 100% imported silk. Measures approximately 57” long and 3 ½” wide. Click here for a larger image of the tie

Ties can be purchased for $75 each (plus shipping & tax).

Click here to purchase your tie!


               PT_Final_3N0A9795_Websm.jpg              PT_Final_3N0A9803-2_Websm.jpg


Many thanks to Sandy Aldieri and Perceptions Photography for photographing the ties!

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