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CCADV Projects & Initiatives


CCADV believes in every family and individual child’s resiliency. While the effects of exposure to violence vary and are many, our member programs and their staff work delicately and carefully with the victims that are often forgotten, the children.

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Diversity & Accessibility  

Honoring diversity, CCADV is committed to improving access to services and resources for all victims of domestic violence regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, language, education, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic or  immigration status.

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Fatality Review 

Led by CCADV, the Connecticut Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee was established in 2001 and works to prevent future deaths by conducting multi-disciplinary, systemic examinations of intimate partner fatalities that occur in our state.

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Law Enforcement Initiative 

The partnership between law enforcement, CCADV and our 18 member agencies has been strong and we continue to work together to bring the best practices for the police response to domestic violence to Connecticut.

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Legal Advocacy 

CCADV funds positions in each of the domestic violence agencies located throughout the state to support victims of domestic violence with navigating through these systems.

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Health Professional Outreach 

In an effort to develop a statewide response to the health risks for both children and adults, CCADV is implementing a Health Professional Outreach project. This medical advocacy program will educate healthcare providers about the risks associated with intimate partner violence, recommend screening tools to identify individuals at risk, and support the process for referring to intimate partner violence providers for follow up care.

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Offender Risk Reduction 

CCADV has established a program to reach into communities in Hartford and New Haven to connect with survivors whose offenders are being released from prison or jail.

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Public Policy 

CCADV works at both a state and national level to create and implement policy changes that will strengthen Connecticut’s response to domestic violence.

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Statewide Primary Prevention 

W we have developed Connecticut’s first statewide plan designed to address the factors that increase risk for the perpetration of IPV and to promote factors that create healthy, sustainable families and communities.

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Technical Assistance 

CCADV provides ongoing technical assistance for member programs to enhance overall victim services by developing strategic training, educational opportunities and problem-solving strategies.

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Trauma-Informed Enhancement 

CCADV member programs provide services that are “trauma-informed.” The five core principles of a trauma-informed and responsive environment are safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment.

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10x10 Campaign 

The 10x10 Campaign is Connecticut's first statewide speakers' bureau of men who speak to other men and boys about healthy relationships and preventing intimate partner violence, dating violence and stalking.

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A mobile app designed to provide the 411 on healthy dating and teen dating violence.

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