CCADV Board + Staff


Leadership. Teamwork. Commitment.

Teamwork is at the heart of every great achievement. Our dedicated Board of Directors and staff work every day to transform Connecticut’s response to domestic violence.

We are inspired by the strength of survivors as they navigate what may be the worst moments of their lives. It is their strength and resilience that energizes our work of ending domestic violence and creating a world where no person lives in fear.




CHAIR David Bogan, Esq., Day Pitney, LLP

SECRETARY Cathy Zeiner, CMA, CPA, YWCA Hartford Region

TREASURER Christine DiMenna, CPA, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP

Marsha Adell, Community Leader

Kenneth Baldwin, Esq., Robinson+Cole

Tracy Brennan, MD, Women's Health CT

Ann Marie Caouette, Aetna/CVS Health

Michael Christ, Esq., M. Christ Government Solutions, LLC

Barbara Damon, Prudence Crandall Center

Tammi Flowers, Esq., United Technologies

Jeanne Fusco, Susan B. Anthony Project

Sara Goldfarb, CVS Health/Aetna

Kristen Johnson, Connecticut Water Service Inc.

Jennifer Little-Greer, Minority Construction Council

Lee Schlesinger, Community Leader





You can contact any CCADV staff by calling their direct line listed below or via email by clicking on their name.


Meghan Scanlon, President & CEO, (959) 202-5001

Tonya Johnson, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, (959) 202-5010

Liza Andrews, Vice President of Government & Public Relations, (959) 202-5003

Cindy Martinez, Vice President of Finance & Administration, (959) 202-5016

Geralyn O’Neil-Wild, Vice President of Operations, (959) 202-5018

Joanne Vitarelli, Vice President of Operations, (959) 202-5017

Kelly Annelli, Director of Child Advocacy, (959) 202-5004

Daniel Cargill, Director of Law Enforcement Services, (959) 202-5007

Sedwhyde Dumont, Director of Diversity & Accessibility, (959) 202-5029

Ashley Starr Frechette, Director of Health Professional Outreach, (959) 202-5014

Barbara Guida, Finance Manager, (959) 202-5070

Rhonda Morra, Director of Civil Legal Advocacy, (959) 202-5011

Sontochukwu Okam, Legal Projects Coordinator, (959) 202-5060

Lizbeth Padilla, Director of Training & Prevention, (959) 202-5013

Jasmine Pierce, Rapid Rehousing Program Manager, (959) 202-5076

Yolanda Potter, Director of Housing Advocacy, (959) 202-5015

Devon Rayment, Health Professional Outreach Project Manager, (959) 202-5069

Miguel Rios, TeamUp Coordinator, (959) 202-5078

Carlos Robalino, Rapid Rehousing Finance & Compliance Manager, (959) 202-5077



Safe Connect Staff


To immediately speak with a domestic violence advocate via Safe Connect and get connected to your local domestic violence organization, please call or text (888) 774-2900 or visit to chat/email with an advocate.


Safe Connect Leadership

Xiomara Campos, Safe Connect Program Manager, (959) 202-5019

Xavier Merchan, Safe Connect Program Manager, (959) 202-5039

Teresita Perez-Alamo, Safe Connect Program Manager, (959) 202-5002

Rosario Terron, Safe Connect Program Manager, (959) 202-5021

Maria Gonzalez-Flores, Safe Connect Team Lead, (959) 202-5034


Safe Connect Advocacy Coordinators

Adaliz Centeno, (959) 202-5044

Simenesh Comollo, (959) 202-5033

Alexandry DeJesus, (959) 202-5030

Dynalee Dones, (959) 202-5028

Jessica Escobar, (959) 202-5023

Mayra Esquilin, (959) 202-5035

Wanda Gaines, (959) 202-5032

Christie Gonzalez, (959) 202-5031

Dienaba Hane, (959) 202-5036

Stephanie Katz, (959) 202-5025

Brianna Lopez, (959) 202-5024

Jose Miranda, (959) 202-5012

Sesar Pacheco, (959) 202-5040

Geetha Prabha, (959) 202-5041

Laura Reyes, (959) 202-5047

Maritza Rosa, (959) 202-5044

Nancy Rosado, (959) 202-5050

Ibraltino Tavares, (959) 202-5026

Keishly Vega, (959) 202-5022

Margaret Waweru, (959) 202-5045