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on DV in CT

Domestic violence affects us all.
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Conoce las señales de la violencia doméstica y como apoyar a las víctimas.

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The leading voice for DV survivors in CT.

Through education and advocacy we empower survivors and eliminate stigma. Our goal: end domestic violence in our state—for good.

It is with bold, ambitious action that we will end this public health crisis and move toward achieving our vision of creating a world where no person lives in fear.

We are a membership organization of Connecticut's 18 domestic violence service agencies that provide critical support to victims including safety planning, emergency shelter, court advocacy, counseling & support groups, among other services.

Speak Out to Stop DV in CT.

“I’m too scared to tell anyone what’s happening.”
“It’s none of my business what goes on in someone else’s home.”
“I’m just one person. What can I possibly do?”

Domestic violence thrives in silence. Whether you’re a survivor, a witness, a neighbor, a friend or relative, your voice can make a difference.

Policymakers, It's Time to
Stand UP.

Domestic abuse is a public health crisis affecting people across the state. In fact, a staggering one-third of all CT criminal court cases involve family violence. Meaningful policy changes can protect those who need it most…and make our communities safer places to work and live.

See how we’re restoring independence and hope to survivors of domestic violence.

Change is possible
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