DVAM = Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Our voices are stronger together.

Join a local DVAM event! October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).

What began in 1981 as a “Day of Unity” has evolved into a nationwide month of action that celebrates survivors and raises awareness not only about the issue, but also about the services available to help survivors and their families be safer. CCADV’s 18 member organizations hold local events during DVAM and throughout the year to honor survivors and engage community partners. These events are great opportunities to get involved locally as our coalition works together to create a strong statewide impact.

Check out these great local events with our member organizations!


Our members hold a variety of awareness and remembrance events across the state throughout the month of October. Each event is a great way to get involved in with your local member organization and help in our work of creating a world where no person lives in fear! Be sure to come back here in late September to see what events are being scheduled in your area!




CCADV Purple Thursday


Purple Thursday is a national day of action each October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence and an easy way for people to show their commitment to promoting healthy relationships.

All you need to do is wear purple - the “color” of domestic violence, start a conversation with your family, friends or coworkers about why you’re wearing purple, and then take a selfie and post it online.

It’s that simple, because each ripple of purple voices and photos online can create a tidal wave of awareness and change!heck back this fall for the date of Purple Thursday 2022!

Post a Pic & Tag Us!

Take a photo of yourself, friends, family and coworkers wearing purple and share it on social media for #PurpleThursday! Be sure to tag us!



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