PBRO Project

The Pro Bono Restraining Order Project


Being the voice that survivors need when they need it most.

The Pro Bono Restraining Order (PBRO) Project is a collaboration between CCADV and many Connecticut law firms and offices committed to providing quality legal representation to victims of domestic violence during restraining order hearings.

It has been operating in its revamped form since January 2021 and is currently in Hartford, Rockville, Norwich, and New Haven. It is our goal to expand this project to courts across the state.

That’s where you come in!




Helping Victims
Get Protection They Need.

Nationally, legal representation increases the possibility of a victim obtaining a restraining order from 32% to 83%.

Volunteer Your Time


When you join our team of volunteers, you will tell us how many restraining order hearing days (generally mornings only) you are willing to take every quarter or every year.

  • We get it. For any busy professional, it can be difficult to make a community service commitment when you can’t predict the amount of time and effort expected of you. Volunteer attorneys represent a maximum of 2 clients on their scheduled date, and they are notified at least 2 business days in advance when there are no clients in need of their service. They file a limited appearance for restraining order hearings, and do not follow their case(s) beyond that. We’ll provide a 2-hour webinar at no cost to you that also qualifies for CLE credit. The training will draw on the knowledge of family court judges, family relations officers, domestic violence advocates, mental health professionals, and experienced attorneys to provide an efficient but comprehensive overview of the restraining order process and guidance on working with a survivor in a trauma-informed manner.

  • Each volunteer will commit to be available to represent up to two applicants in court on the date they have committed to in advance for that quarter. This system ensures that all volunteer attorneys will have as much time as possible for an initial consultation and preparation for the restraining order hearing. By committing in advance to be available, you enable us to respect everyone’s time and commitment.

  • The PBRO project has been graced with the exceptional work and dedication of 100+ volunteer attorneys who, in its first two years, provided pro bono legal representation at restraining order hearings to nearly 200 survivors.

    They collectively donated over 1,500 hours of support, translating into over $500,000 in saved legal fees.

    Their dedication has helped to fill the significant gap in coverage for victims seeking a restraining order who cannot safely afford the expense of an attorney or meet the threshold to qualify for legal aid.


Hear From our Attorney Volunteers

"Volunteers make an immediate impact in the most important parts of their lives: home, family and safety.”

“By mentoring volunteers, I can share my passion for family law with other attorneys."

“For many applicants I’ve represented, the PBRO program is their first experience with our legal system.”

I can help people who may otherwise be overwhelmed and alone as they seek protection.”

If you're a survivor and need help applying for a restraining order, contact Safe Connect.


Join a network of generous attorneys committed to protecting DV victims.